Awards Program

Nominations Needed for NEW Military/Veterans Awards Program

The Military and Veteran Committee of the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes our military, military families, veterans and civilian advocates that have shown outstanding achievement in the military or in support of the military or veterans in the Aberdeen area at the annual Community Champions Awards Luncheon held in February of each year.

The committee seeks nominations of personnel in the Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, Veterans members, Military families and Civilian advocates who have been serving during the past year. Six awards are to be presented as follows:
  • Enlisted (grades E-1 through E-4)
  • Non Commissioned Officers (grades E-5 through E-9)
  • Officers and Warrant Officers (grades O-1 through O-10 & WO1 through CW5)
  • Military families
  • Veteran of Armed Services
  • Civilian advocate for Military and/or Veteran groups (individuals) ]
If you have a nomination, please contact the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce for and application or find it online at