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gail 2020

Gail Ochs, President

Welcome to the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce!

The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce has been an established voluntary non-profit membership organization since 1884. Today, we are 625 members strong with over 2,000 volunteers that help facilitate and participate in the Chamber's activities and events.

As a non-profit, 501c6 corporation, the Chamber supports and speaks for those engaged in business, industry, agriculture, transportation, education, healthcare and private sector enterprises. In a nutshell, we seek to make commerce happen through business expansion and attraction, as well as the advocacy efforts that help improve business in our area.

Our vision is to bring businesses and individuals together to build consensus on business issues and community goals. Our mission is to serve as the leading business advocate for the economic health and vitality of our membership, our community, and the greater Aberdeen area. The Chamber pursues its vision and mission by: Serving the region as the central networking organization from which ideas, resources and assets can be drawn; Unifying and advancing membership, community and regional interests; Cultivating future leadership and advancing opportunities in the State; Educating businesses and individuals on workforce readiness and development issues; and Promoting and encouraging growth of the membership, community, and area.

If you're not a Chamber member - now is the time to come on board. Couldn't you use us for working for - and with you - to make your business and our community stronger? If you are, thank you for you continued support!